Scottish Impressions

The company I worked for previously (and which will not be mentioned here by name) sent me to Scotland for some time. Originally, the stay was supposed to take eight weeks. In the end, it became eight months ...

Rather late during that stay I came up with the idea of buying a digital camera and taking some pictures. The following pictures show some of the typical tourist attractions as well as some more unknown places, mainly in the area around Dunfermline.

Since I had to work during those eight months, I didn't get too much to see of Scotland. I guess you can see more of the country during a regular three-weeks holiday. And I think I will do exactly that some day since I have very positive memories about Scotland and the Scottish people.

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And here are some additional pictures, with kind permission of Andreas Eilingsfeld (sorry, German texts only):

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Well, it wasn't the above-mentioned holiday, but our trip through the north-west and north of Scotland in June 2000 covered some of the areas I hadn't seen before.

More pictures from Scotland can be found in the Desktop pictures section.

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