Note: This website hasn't been updated in over 10 years. The information you'll find here is therefore mostly of historc interest (if at all).

More up-to-date information about me and what I'm doing these days can be found at:

My $HOME is my castle

Hello and welcome to Dirk Haun's home page. These pages may look simple, but I did that on purpose. I just don't like to wait ages for a web page to download just because it is stuffed with fancy graphics. The idea of the web is to share information, not to produce shiny brochures.

And this is what you can find here:

Atari My Atari software from the good ol' times ...
Macintosh Useful and not-so-useful information about Apple Macintosh computers.
Genealogy Some information about genealogy software for various platforms and some genealogical data about my ancestors.
Pictures of landscapes and events as well as some background pictures.
Site-Index Try this if you can't find what you're looking for.

Note: Some parts of the site are currently only available in German. But I'm working on it ...

[d] Hier geht es zum deutschsprachigen Index.

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