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I have written all the texts here, carefully collected the links and wrote all the software - unless stated otherwise. If you think you found something that should not be here, don't hesitate to contact me (address see above). Thanks.

For the curious: Most of the pages have been produced in a text editor (Alpha on a Mac) with the use of the HTML standard document. The picture pages were produced by QuickNailer and post-processed by hand. Some of the older pages have been produced with PageMill. The page about my ancestors is an export from my Gene database. The pictures were taken (in chronological order) with a Kodak DC-20, an Apple QuickTake 150, an Olympus Camedia C-400L, and an Olympus Camedia C-900 Zoom. Some of the pictures have been post-processed with GraphicConverter and/or Photoshop LE.

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