Genealogy in your Palm

It took a while, but now they're here: Genealogy applications for the Palm and compatible devices. No need to carry a notebook - have your ancestors right there in your palm.

Note: This is a shortened version of the already rather short German review of genealogy applications for the Palm. I plan to make some more detailed reviews of these applications and will translate those reviews then. But don't hold your breath just yet ...


Gedpalm: list of persons Gedpalm: person's details Gedpalm: notes for a person

Pros: Easy to use; conduit included (for Windows only); converter for GEDCOM files included (again, for Windows only).

Cons: You can't add or edit any data; Macintosh users will need a Windows emulation.

Author: GHCS Software, Doug Gordon
Price: $9.95

My Roots

My Roots: list of persons My Roots: person's details My Roots: notes for a person

Pros: You can add and edit data records on the Palm; supports multiple data bases.

Cons: No conduit; slightly more complicated to use.

Author: Tapperware, Thomas Ward
Price: $17.95


Genealogy: list of persons Genealogy: person's details and notes

This application is only listed here for the sake of completeness. According to the author, it has been withdrawn because it was contract work and shouldn't have been released to the public in the first place.

Pros: It's small and it was the first genealogy application for the Palm.

Cons: Software has been withdrawn; not much use without import and export facilities.

P.S. Do not confuse this program with the Palm VII application of the same name.

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