If my ancestors could see this ...

The following page contains information about my ancestors. That way, I'm trying to get into contact with people named Haun or Kuhlmann who might be my relatives. Not to ask them for money ;-) but just out of interest for my ancestors.

Maybe I could fill some holes in my ancestors tree that way - who knows. Especially on my father's side (Haun) I can't trace back my ancestors too far. On my mother's side (Kuhlmann), my grandfather has already collected lots of information, although there are still some "dead branches" left.

Of course, everyone looking for his or her own roots is invited to search for relatives here.

Note: The following page does not contain any personal data about persons who were born after the year 1900, apart from their names and their position within my ancestors tree. To learn more about the problems of genealogy on the WWW, I suggest reading the articles that Jo Mitchell has collected on this topic.

I'm still looking for an appropriate way to present the following data. For now, I've just exported my entire Gene database into one huge HTML file:

This database does currently only contain data about persons who were living in Germany. The dates go back until the 16th century.

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P.S. If you're interested in Haun genealogy or exchanging thoughts and information with other people named Haun, you might want to hop over to www.haun.info.

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